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Shaun Weiss

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This Comes After Multiple Issues With Drugs & Alcohol

The lovable Goldberg from the 1990s Might Ducks franchise has found himself in trouble once again.

According to TMZ, actor Shaun Weiss was arrested in November for allegedly shoplifting over $200 worth of merchandise from a Rite Aid in Los Angeles.

Weiss now faces a petty theft charge and a probation violation, according to law enforcement. Weiss’ arrest comes just after he was arrested for public intoxication back in August.

After friends pleaded with him to get help, Shaun finally gave in by announcing on Facebook that he was going to check into a long-term rehab center in August. He wrote, “At this time, in an effort to break free from the self destructive patterns of behavior and drug abuse that have landed me at rock bottom, (to be real… BELOW rock bottom. Even rock bottom is like ‘holy sh!t, how’d you get all the way down there?’) I have checked in to a well regarded, long term rehabilitation center.”

He continued, “I have surrendered to the reality that without immediate treatment my life is in eminent danger.”

There’s no telling if Shaun actually checked into rehab or how long he stayed if he did. However, considering his recent bust, some personal issue must still not be resolved.

According to Shaun’s longtime friend Marni, his downward spiral dates back to his father’s death three years ago. Since then, Marni says Shaun has abused drugs and has hung out with the wrong crowd. Last year, Shaun was arrested for possession of meth and for stealing once again.

Shaun gained childhood acting success when he played Greg “Goldie” Goldberg in all three Might Ducks movies. He also appeared in cult classics like Heavyweights and a bunch of sitcoms throughout the ’90s and early 2000s. He hasn’t found steady work for a couple of years now.

A friend told TMZ that they’re “hoping for the best” for him.



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