G Herbo's Baby Mama Ari Blasts Emily B Over Taina Williams

SMH: G-Herbo’s Ex Says Emily B Brazenly Did THIS To Defend Her ‘Man Stealing’ Daughter

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Emily B says that she called Ari on her own to have a heart to heart with her. According to Emily, her daughter didn’t even know that she called and she’s disappointed that Ari didn’t reach out to Taina before tarnishing her reputation.
Not only that she thinks the girls need mediation and hopes Ari will stop publishing things on the internet.


“Wait what? If anyone understood your situation it was me,” wrote Emily B in The Shade Room’s comments section.” I told you that your anger was misplaced. I also told you that I understood you. I have never had a conversation or met Herb in my life to this day. Why on earth would you tell millions of people that I lied on you? I called you and had a heart to heart convo with you. In fact, when I called you she didn’t even know.

I told you I walked around with a lot of bitterness and hate in my heart for years but it didn’t hurt them, it only hurt me. Taina doesn’t know you or even talked to you…so based off an assumption her character has been tarnished.

You have never even tried to reach out to her but run to the internet. Y’all are young. I get it. But I told you this isn’t the way to go about things. You need mediation.

I guess throwing me in the mix only brings more attention but y’all are grown and all I can do is give you my thoughts based on bad decisions of my own.

I’m not perfect but I raised my daughter to be honsest, have self respect and to always take the high road. I’m actually very proud of how she is handling this. Again Ari you have my phone number.”


Who do YOU believe in all this???





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