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Shamari And Marlo

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Sit down hater…

Shamari Devoe Reacts To Marlo Hampton’s Makeover On RHOA

If you watched the most recent episode of RHOA then you no doubt saw Shamari Devoe get some unsolicited fashion advice from Marlo Hampton who dug through her closet and gave her a makeover. Things later reached a fever pitch when Shamari accused Marlo of being messy by targeting her wardrobe and a “b***/”yo mama” argument ensued.

According to Shamari it’s pretty clear that Marlo was being shady and she’s once again reiterating that she dresses JUST fine.

Via BravoTV: What did you think of Marlo’s makeover advice?

Shamari DeVoe: Unsolicited and uncomfortable advice. I think she probably thought she was doing a nice thing for me, but it’s insulting to forcefully engage someone into a “makeover” first thing in the morning. Especially when they don’t know you well… Marlo’s style is known as being very fashionable, and I will never take that away from her. But I was put off at her approach and the fact that she basically was trying to make me a carbon copy of herself. I have said it 1,000 times and I will keep saying it: “I wear what I want!”

She also added that she got pissed at dinner when she once again had to defend her style choices. Not only that she’s adamant that Marlo can’t be serious about shading her voice when she has platinum record sales under her belt.

“ What was going through your mind when things got heated with Marlo?

At this point, I was just annoyed that grown women were so focused on what clothes I decide to put on my own body. I was originally just trying to express to Marlo and everyone else my feelings on her critique of my fashions. Once Marlo started taking jabs at me, the gloves were off! I can go back and forth with the best of them, but a line that should never be crossed is bringing my mother into our argument! And as far as her saying my voice is “awful”… child, I am not even going to entertain that foolishness. Tell that to those platinum record sales I have under my belt.”

Do YOU think Shamari’s style needs help? Porsha previously said she needed to be open to a stylist and Cynthia called her clothes “dated.”

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