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Ex-friend files…

Miss Quad Alleges She Saw Mariah Huq Do Drugs, Responds To Brother-In-Law Allegations

A “Married To Medicine” star is sticking to her guns about an allegation she made during the explosive reunion. As previously reported Miss Quad faced off with her former friend Mariah Huq who alleged that Quad shadily slept with her sister’s husband.

“Just like you recently released that I slept with your sister’s husband — you did! — and you know damn well that I didn’t do that … I’m tired of her lying, and I’m gonna deal with this today, ‘cause it’s not gonna go into season seven!” said Quad.

“You did actually!” replied Mariah to Quad. “You were supposed to be my best friend and you slept with my sister’s husband! I walked into your home — you had on his t-shirt!”

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Following that Quad alleged that Mariah was using cocaine and Mariah vehemently denied it.

Ms. Quad’s adamant however that it’s all true. She recently told TheJasmineBrand that she doesn’t “open her mouth to tell lies” and she personally saw Mariah do the drug in her bathroom with an unnamed gay man.

“I walked in on her using cocaine,” said QUad. We were at a friends’s condo and hung out in Midtown, and the people that she hangs with, and I saw her. I was sitting in the living room having my wine, and listening to some music. We were hanging out with the other person that was there, and she goes from off the patio, the terrace – and I’m like, ‘What the f*ck is she doing?’ They go off the terrace, and they go into the bedroom, and I’m like, ‘Hold on.’ This is a married woman and a gay guy.

So I’m like, ‘Wait a minute.’ You know, what they doin’ in the bedroom? Ain’t nothin’ they should be doing in the bedroom. You stay in the common area. You don’t go into people’s bedrooms…so they go in the bedroom, and I’m like, ‘D*mn, ain’t nobody in here!’ So when I go into the bedroom and I see ain’t nobody in there, I’m like, ‘Where the hell they go?’ So if you bend around the corner a little bit more to the right, that’s where the restroom is. You know how restrooms are set up, where the sink was on the left and then they have the shower and all of that. And then there was a separate door to the right that facilitated the toilet. Well, when I walked in and finally walked into the restroom, they were over there just getting they life – cocaine and all!”

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Quad says she then confronted Mariah and the person who gave her the cocaine before bursting into tears.

“And I’m like, ‘What are you doin? You are a mother, you are a wife, you have children!’ I turned to the person like, ‘Why would you give this to her?’ You know, and it really broke my heart, because where I’m from I don’t really know people that come back from things like that, you understand what I’m saying? In my mind, that’s a junkie. I’ve seen it happen to the best of them. And it really broke my heart, so I went into the single stall where the toilet was, and I locked the door, and I was just crying. ‘Cause in my mind, I’m like, ‘My friend is gone.’ So she starts on beating on the door, [saying] ‘Quad! Quad! Quad! Open the door! Open the door!’ And I’m like, ‘No! Why would you do it?’ And I’m in tears! This is hurting me! I’m affected. You know, I’m a very passionate person. People like to say I cry all the time, I don’t give a d*mn. You’re gonna know exactly how I’m feeling. When I’m mad, you’re gonna know it. When I’m sad, you’re gonna know it…I don’t try to hide my feelings. And I cared so much for her, and I thought about her children. I thought about her husband, and it was very devastating.”

W O W!

Quad also told TheJasmineBrand that Mariah tried to use the incident as a “manipulation tactic” and a way to test her loyalty. “[Scoffs] I was just trying to see if you were my real friend! I wasn’t gonna do that!’” Quad alleges Mariah said.


That’s not all, Quad’s got a bombshell to drop about those brother-in-law allegations; hit the flip.

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Quad told TheJasmineBrand that the brother in law allegations are ALL false and noted that Mariah, and Mariah’s nephew, the son of Lake Kelly who was married to the man Quad’s accused of sleeping with, were in her wedding. If Quad had an affair with Mariah’s inlaw then why would her family be in the wedding?

Quad adds that while the brother-in-law might’ve been cheating it was NOT with her.

“It’s very interesting, even in that story she said that I cheated on my husband with her sister’s husband. First of all, when she says this was supposed to be taking place, I didn’t even know my husband. I had not even met my husband. I met my husband in 2011…so this is what I’m talking about. Let’s roll up and fabricate all these stories.

He proposed to me September 24, 2011. We got married July 28, 2012. Mariah was my matron of honor. Her daughter, Laura, was my flower girl. Her son, Ethan, was the ring-bearer. Her nephew of the one and only sister she has – which means this is the same person who I was supposed to have slept with her husband – her son, Ian, was the escort in my wedding for Chloe and Kari (Quad’s dogs). The tea is that the man probably was cheating, but he wasn’t cheating with me.”



What do YOU think about Quad and Mariah facing off during the “Married To Medicine” reunion???

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