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Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos

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Jeff Bezos Announces Amicable Divorce On Twitter

Ladies, PRIME your DM’s… Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took to Twitter to make the big announcement on Wednesday that he and his wife of 25 years are amicably divorcing. Jeff is 54, Mackenzie is 48 and the couple have four kids.

The Bezos’ were married in 1993, a year before Bezos founded Amazon. Great that they can stay friends, right?

Is it wrong that the first thing that came to mind for us was — she’s gonna make out with a FORTUNE?

Apparently we weren’t the only ones thinking like this. CNBC took a hard look at the situation and noted that while Washington state, where the Bezos’ live, is a community property state (meaning Mackenzie could argue she’s entitled to half of Bezos’ fortune — nearly $137 billion at last count) she will likely be averse to making her ex give up control of the company or sell shares to fund such a large settlement…

“The issue will be how to value the assets with diminished control,” Jeffrey Fisher, a divorce attorney in West Palm Beach who has handled several billionaire divorces told CNBC. “There would be an argument by the attorneys that the Amazon stake is not worth as much without Bezos in control, so that would affect any settlement.”

Sounds like the ball is definitely in Mackenzie’s court right about now. No wonder this divorce is so amicable.

Oh and we were serious about those DM’s ladies. Anybody shooting their shot? How about the fellas? Mackenzie Bezos would be a big come up too.


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