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Stormy Daniels

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She Had A Fitting Playlist During The Occasion

Stormy Daniels is continuing to be perfectly petty towards Trump with some not-so-subtle expressions of a care-free porn star.

On the same night 45 made his exhausting television appearance on Tuesday trying to promote his wall, Stormy decided to put on a show for Instagram Live.

The 39-year-old adult film star recorded herself folding laundry in nothing but her bra and underwear, according to New York Daily News

Stormy made the announcement that she would be going live at 9 p.m. EST, the same time Trump was scheduled to give his pro-wall address to America.


“If you’re looking for anything even remotely worth watching tonight at 9pm EST, I will be folding laundry in my underwear for 8 minutes on Instagram live,” she tweeted on Tuesday afternoon.

Once Stormy went live, she proceeded to fold her unmentionables while listening to Pink Floyd‘s “Another Brick in the Wall.” She also ate some delicious chips as her soundtrack switched to Taylor Swift‘s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

A song aimed at Trump, no doubt.

Both Trump’s address and Stormy’s folding ended up being ten minutes total, and Stormy said she attracted 100,000 viewers during her broadcast. She must’ve been satisfied with this number when she playful posted a pic of herself on IG, writing, “Laundry is done!”


Surely, Trump was devastated he missed the live house chores because he was too busy selling crap to the American people.

Him and Stormy will forever be linked since Stormy claimed they had a fling back in 2006 while Trump was still married to Melania Trump.

While Trump might’ve gotten his orange pebbles off at the time, the experience wasn’t as riveting for Stormy, who described it as “the least impressive sex I’d ever had” in her book Full Disclosure.

Our heart goes out to her.



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