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Future Interviews With THE FADER

Future gets candid in a recent interview with THE FADER. With terrible posture, Future actually helps us make sense of some of his Scorpio antics online. The self-described “misunderstood” rapper clarifies that he’s actually wanting unconditional love and speaks for the everyday man. Do you feel closer to understanding Nayvadius after hearing him explain himself?

What do you think about the way some fans have labeled you as the male Beyoncé?

Beyoncé is, if not the greatest, one of the greatest. And to be compared to that is great. But also, I wanna be able to use my voice for a lot of good in men, and not just the bad. Not when you just going through a breakup or not when you feel like you just wanna have a party lifestyle. You just wanna party. I’m speaking for the men that’s going through something, that’s gonna party. I wanna speak for the men that’s in relationships. I wanna speak for men that’s in love. I wanna speak for men that have found true love. I wanna speak for men that done went through something but also felt like they wasn’t gon’ become the person that they are. And they listened to Future, and they became a better person. It didn’t make them feel like the wrong things they was doing was good. Like I make all your wrongs great. I make all your wrongs right. I don’t wanna make your wrongs right anymore. I wanna shed light on the right. I just wanna be that voice how her voice is to reach out and be looked at someone as more of a positive light and someone that’s like an innovator or as empowering women. I wanna empower men with that same power but also in the right way.

Is there anything which you still feel like you’re misunderstood?

I’m misunderstood the fact that how much I love love. I love the thought of finding real love. I love the thought of loving somebody that love me just as much.

Hit play to hear the rest of Future’s conversation with The FADER’s Senior Editor, Ben Dandridge-Lemco.




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