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In loveless Lothario news…

Future Explains His “Sacrificing Love” Comment, Says He’s Misunderstood

Future’s doubling down on a recent comment he made about “sacrificing love.” The “Dirty Sprite” rapper had tongues wagging on Instagram after he posted that he had to “Sacrifice true love to live a lifestyle I never could imagine…u only live once.”

Now he’s further explaining that statement and told Big Boy’s Neighborhood that he’s done dedicating his love to a woman.

According to Future, a “regular girl” could have “motives” because she’d just be starting her career. Despite that, he’s not ruling out love completely.

“One day [maybe],” said Future. “It’s just so hard right now with me and my career and my life. My career now is like, everyone have a motive, you know what I’m saying., I could pick a girl I want, I could pick a regular girl and be like I want to be with her [and] she already got a motive. That’s like me reaching back. I’d be going back a step and you might be starting your career and my career done started so now everything that you do in your life automatically becomes ‘I have to take care of it I have to do this’ so it’s just like ‘Do I want that for my life?’ you know what I mean?”

He also added that he has ZERO interest in dating a high profile person because of the criticism that comes with it. Mind you his last “high profile” relationship was with Ciara back in 2015.

“A high profile chick, I wouldn’t even be interested in that,” said Future. “If it came to me then it’s cool but I don’t go look for it. I’m not chasing it, I want something real. I don’t want something fake—the only time we’re happy is when we take pictures. Then when the cameras are off we’re mad at each other.”

Future also added that he’s misunderstood but embraces who people think he is; a playboy.

“It’s like being misunderstood. A lot of people misunderstand me basically. Damn near 75% think I’m some totally different way than I am. You know, off perception and image, at time I embrace that. I just gotta embrace it. I don’t wanna fear anything, so I embraced it being that person that you might think I am. […]

Doing songs like “Real Sisters” and “Same Damn Time” and you got two sisters at the same time. ‘You got these girls girls, girls!’ then I become that image because that’s what you love about me. If I said I was in love nobody would like it.”

Are we all misunderstanding Future to be a heartless trap villain who’s only offering fertile Freebandz fillin’ to multiple women???

FVDED In The Park 2018

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Could be.

Hit the flip to see what Future has to say about his kids and (clearly) poppin’ sex life.


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“Continue to throw your d*** a party,” said Big Boy during the interview.

“I gotta stop, I gotta retire, every girl got that different motive. Yeah it hurts my feelings, to be tricked into something it hurts my feelings,” said Future.

“When you caught up in the lights, the camera, yo probably a little high—people take advantage of that. I really don’t even care about that at this time. I’m just having fun.”

“Hendrix, my son was in December,” said Future speaking on his son with Joi Chavez.

Tricked into something?” is he talking about Eliza Reign’s claims that she’s having baby number 7 and “fears for her life”???

Future also told Big Boy who joked that he JUST had another baby (as in today) that it’s “not his” and is another person just looking for a come up.

“They want some money,” said Future.” Hendrix is number 6, all boys, one girl. Hendrix is the last—naw, naw Hendrix not the last. I gotta have more kids. […]

“Me and my boys [sons] we’re like best friends, it’s unbelievable.”

Future’s adamant that he’s building his legacy and is fine having only one daughter, but could go for more sons.

Listen to Future on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” below.

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