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Cardi B Denies Suing Her Own Management Team

—–UPDATED 1/31/2019—–

Cardi B isn’t too happy about the rumors going around that she’s suing her management team, so she came to set the record straight.

The rapper posted a screen grab on Wednesday of several news reports claiming she was suing the management company and label, debunking those reports completely.

“BIG F–-IN LIES wow !” she wrote. “This is sooo scary who come up with this ? Don’t ya know we family!”



Cardi B is doing her part to deny all responsibility for any damage stemming from an alleged fan beatdown that happened in New York, and is instead placing the blame on her management for failing to do their job.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Cardi B has responded to the lawsuit filed against her and Offset by Giovanni Arnold, and the star simply wants the lawsuit to be thrown out.  As the publication previously reported, Arnold sued the rapper back in July after he claims that they orchestrated his beatdown outside of the Mark Hotel following the Met Gala.

Now, in these newly filed court documents, Cardi says that all claims against her should be thrown out due to Arnold’s own negligence on the day in question, also claiming that any alleged injuries were sustained by Arnold himself. Cardi then proceeded to counter-sue Quality Control Management, the same company who manages her, Offset and the entire Migos clan, along with the hotel.

Bardi is insisting that any alleged injuries were the result of wrongful conduct by Quality Control and the Mark Hotel through their own negligence, not hers. The Bronx native also wants any possible judgment awarded to Arnold to be paid by Quality Control and wants out of the case immediately.

Basically, Cardi is taking the stance that Quality Control was responsible for the security who was hired and she shouldn’t be held accountable for that. Arnold did say at the time of alleged incident that Quality Control was also responsible for hiring supervision and security for Cardi and Offset.

According to Arnold’s claims, he was attacked on May 5, following the event in New York, by three of the couple’s bodyguards. He claims that he ended up having to go to the hospital for his alleged face, neck, back and body injuries and later sued seeking unspecified damages.

Though suing your current management team sounds messy, it looks like Cardi is simply trying to say she’s not responsible for the security hired by her team.


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