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A Colleague Said Improper Medical Procedures Tipped Her Off

If you were trying to get nipped, tucked, sliced and made anew, Dr. Matthew Mode was promoting his services in a wealthy part of the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Mode even created a social media profile flashing his Patrick Dempsey-esque good looks, and he posted videos of  his cosmetic surgery operations.

Only problem is, Mode allegedly wasn’t a real surgeon.

His name wasn’t even Matthew Mode.

According to Metro, Mode previously went by Matteo Politi and he was allegedly carrying out plastic surgery on people and giving lectures to trainees with no medical background whatsoever.

Authorities caught wind of Politi and he was arrested while trying to flee Romania.

Colleague Adina Alberts expressed concerns about Politi’s credentials when he appeared to not follow proper procedures for washing his hands prior to surgery and he didn’t seem to hold a syringe right. Alberts went on to say one of Politi’s patients suffered “complications” after her breast surgery.

Romanian health authorities said Politi was issued a doctor’s permit last year in March, but this was after he submitted a forged diploma claiming that he qualified as a doctor in Kosovo.

Politi also submitted a fake CV saying he studied at the prestigious John Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. However, they confirmed with the New York Times that they had no record of a student named Matteo Politi or Matthew Mode. Mr. Politi also lied about having previously practiced as a plastic surgeon in the UK, Italy and Spain despite never finishing secondary school.

There’s even questions as to whether Matteo Politi is, in fact, his real name. According to the Times, in 2011, a court in Italy discovered that he practiced medicine illegally under that name, and he received a suspended prison sentence.

Politi’s lawyer in that case, Silvia Sanna, said he didn’t take the exam to become a licensed practitioner in Italy and he didn’t have a medical degree from an Italian university.

Politi is now under investigation for fraud and he’s expected to be held in Bucharest this week.


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