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Amber Guyger-Botham Jean

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Woman Who Filmed Officer Amber Guyger Says She’s Been Fired

The woman who took a video of Officer Amber Guyger just moments after she shot Botham Jean is without a job. A Texas woman only identified as Bunny has come forward to claim that she was fired after she received backlash from the video.

In case you forgot, Guyger said she shot unarmed Botham Jean after mistaking his apartment for hers.

According to Bunny, however, who also lived in their building, that’s not quite possible.

Bunny spoke with The Advise Show TV and told them that Guyger’s mistaken apartment story doesn’t quite add up. She noted that there’s clear signage on each floor and said the officer would have to walk down two “long hallways” to get to Botham.

She also added that the doors “shut as soon as your release them,” so Guyger’s claims that his door was open are untrue.

Bunny claims that she took a video of Guyger pacing outside the apartment for at least 7 minutes and noted that she did NOT give Botham medical assistance after shooting him.

“She just seemed very hysterical, I physically seen her walking back and forth, she wasn’t rendering aid.”

Ever since Bunny uploaded the video to social media she’s received death threats and trolls called her job at a pharmaceutical company to have her fired. The company did fire her citing that they “didn’t want their company associated with a high-profile case.”

She also claims that the company “blacklisted” her credentials so she’s unable to work.


Amber Guyger has been fired and indicted on a murder charge. No word yet on when her trial will start.



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