Fashion Nova Knocks Off Kim K Outfit Hours After She Asks Them Not To

What Kind Of Sorcery: Fashion Nova Knocks Off Kim K’s Outfit Just Hours After She Asks Them Not To

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Kim Kardashian Gets Ripped Off By Fashion Nova Once Again

Once you see a Kardashian wearing something–whether it’s on the red carpet or just chilling poolside–chances are you’ll be able to pick-up a knock-off of that exact garment for under $40 within just a couple of hours.

Of course, the Kardashian klan isn’t oblivious to this and they know by posting photos of their outfits, they’re exposing some pretty precious info. With the looks her husband Kanye curates for Kim, she’s the most likely to get ripped off–and she knows that fact well. So when posting a fitting room picture on Friday, she had a message specifically for fast fashion brands in her caption.

The star wrote, “P.S. fast fashion brands, can you please wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off?” But unsurprisingly, Fashion Nova–the final boss of fast fashion brands–had a different idea, and they had a copy of Kim’s look ready before the day was over.

They had some words for Kim too, writing, “Hey @KimKardashian, We Just Couldn’t Help Ourselves” cheekily naming the bodysuit/skirt combo “The IRL Skirt Set.”


So just about 12 hours later, consumers can buy the same think Kim Kardashian was wearing for an affordable price…what kind of sorcery is this?!

Some people theorize that the Kardashians are in on a deal with the brand since these clothes are being churned out so quickly. Though Kylie Jenner has collaborated with Fashion Nova in the past, Kim very notably declined a million dollar check from the brand at the request of Kanye (who later paid her that same, hefty amount to work with Yeezy).

Reps for FN have said their designers can create anything in a day and that they have an in-house photo studio with models ready to take photos in these newly made garments.

In conclusion: If you’re a Fashion Nova shopper, you just might walk out of the house wearing the same thing as Kim Kardashian one day.

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