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Kim Kardashian Can’t “Sit Silent” About Fast Fashion Knock-Offs

Rumors about the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Fashion Nova/other fast fashion brands have been more abundant than usual lately.

These companies knocking off the KarJenners and their expensive looks is definitely nothing new, but these practices were highlighted even more so two weeks ago, when Kim posted a photo of her in a fitting, sporting a dress that she never ended up actually wearing outside.  In her caption she wrote, “P.S. fast fashion brands, can you please wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off?”

But of course, they didn’t wait until Kim wore the dress in real life, and within hours, both Fashion Nova and Missguided had similar gold gowns available for purchase on their site.

Fast forward to present day, as pictures of Kim wearing a vintage  Mugler gown hit the internet. The jokes about Fashion Nova knocking off Kim’s outfit were all over Twitter within minutes and in a few hours, a similar dress was available for sale on Fashion Nova’s website.

This latest knock-off had a lot of people thinking that Kim and Fashion Nova have some sort of arrangement, especially once Yodit Yemane–the model in nearly every FN photo–leaked some information on her Instagram story.

As Diet Prada points out, Yemane’s video shows a series of pictures from her photoshoot in the latest Kim copycat dress. Not only are the files labeled “Kim Dress,” but the date of the photo session reads “02-14-19, “which is 4 days before Kim was pictured wearing the dress.

This accidental(?) leak drove speculation into overdrive, and Kim clearly noticed just how many people were accusing her of having a secret deal with Fashion Nova–so she took to Twitter to deny everything.

Fashion Nova even went on to make a statement themselves (because you know Kris Jenner called and demanded it) clarifying to customers that they have never directly worked with Kim on any of her projects.


So, take it from Fashion Nova and Kim–they don’t have a deal with one another…unless they’re just covering it up to save Kim K’s relationships with these high-end designers.

If these two really don’t communicate behind the scenes, how would they explain the photos dated days before Kim wore the dress? Was this “leak” intentional on Fashion Nova’s part to get people talking?

For some more information about Kim’s possible shady Fashion Nova dealings, check out this video here.


Do you think they’re actually working together, or is Fashion Nova just doing Kim dirty?!


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