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 License Plates In Australia Can Soon Be Customized With Emojis

As if being cut you off while you’re driving wasn’t already annoying enough, we might be on our way toward a world where we have to stare at that person’s emoji license plate while they do it.

License plate personalization options in the Queensland, Australia are going to include emojis soon, a move that will probably be followed by other parts of the world allowing the exact same thing.

“For quite some time we’ve seen that you can support your favorite team or your favorite town with a symbol on your number plate,” Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) spokesperson Dr. Rebecca Michael told 7News Brisbane on Tuesday. “And using an emoji is no different.”

At first, the emojis that are  available to be added to license plates will only include a selection of five pretty standard choices, with your choice of classics like heart eyes or sunglasses.

Though the addition of an emoji seems like something that will complicate one’s time jotting down info during a hit and run, officials note that these emojis are purely decorative, i.e. not a part of the registration number that’s still required to appear on plates.

Emoji-assisted plates in Queensland are set to be available starting on March 1 at around $340.


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