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Were you watching???

NeNe Explains Exploding On Porsha & Kandi On RHOA

If you watched Sunday’s episode of RHOA then you no doubt saw NeNe explode on Kandi and Porsha during her “Bye Wig” house party.

NeNe had her house guests over and told them to leave behind their wigs, weaves and clip-ins for the night. Things quickly got interesting when Marlo Hampton showed up FIVE HOURS late leading to a screaming showdown between her and NeNe, and Shamari Devoe got drunk (and lusty) and after hitting on Eva and patting Tanya’s lady parts, she threw up in NeNe’s bathroom—and all over Eva.

After things calmed down and people got cleaned up, Kandi and Porsha went upstairs where NeNe and Marlo had apparently reconciled and announced that they wanted to see NeNe’s famous closet.

When a cameraman tried to follow the ladies into the closet, NeNe exploded; ripping the man’s shirt to hold him back befoe she angrily confronted the ladies.

According to NeNe, however, her actions were well warranted.

“You don’t have the right to open up my doors, my closet,” said NeNe on Watch What Happens Live. “If I tell you to visit me and sit right there, you need to sit right there. They are disrespecting each other’s homes when they visit them, Sheree’s house was disrespected, Kenya’s home was disrespected.

They didn’t have the right to walk in my house and do whatever they wanna do!”

Do YOU think NeNe overreacted about her closet? What was in it that she didn’t want seen???

NeNe also explained her decision to bring Phaedra Parks to Andy Cohen’s baby shower. According to NeNe that was her surprise to the father-to-be.

NeNe also explained why she didn’t cancel her party after getting bad news about Gregg.

In case you care, NeNe says that her “Bye Wig” party hair was her actual real hair that she recently got cut. According to her some of the other ladies were faking the funk with their “strategically placed” tresses.

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