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Florida Teacher Forced To Remove Colin Kaepernick Art During BHM

White people can be REALLY annoying when it comes to issues of race and even moreso when it comes to Colin Kaepernick.

Alissa Perry, a math teacher at Port Charlotte High School in Florida, was captured in a viral Twitter video crying as she was forced to remove a kneeling Kaepernick art piece from the door of her classroom during Black History month.

According to WINKNews, Charlotte County School District says their front office was flooded with phone calls from angry white parents who found the image “offensive”. The infuriating part is that you KNOW these same people voted for Donald Trump who is a card-carrying racist and has been accused of sexual assault by NUMEROUS women.

Guess that’s not offensive.

“We were getting parents complaining and everybody, and we just thought we have to put an end to this,” said Mike Riley, Charlotte County School District spokesperson. “It was a lose, lose situation for us.”

No. No, no, no, no, no. It wasn’t a lose-lose. It was an opportunity to tell those stale soup cookies to STFU and mind their white a$$ business. These are the same white people who cherry-pick the parts of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy that they find palpable but act oblivious to the fact that MLK clearly would have been in full support of Kaep’s form of protest.

Junior Jaidyn Etheart believes that social media played a big part in the caucasian outrage:

“I believe these boys from our school saw it, took a picture of it and put it on Snapchat, and said it was offensive,” Etheart said.

F**k these white folks and the school district for caving to racist sentiments. They can never erase Colin Kaepernick.



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