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Cassandra Freeman stars in "The Enemy Within"

Source: NBC Universal / Courtesy of NBC Universal

Cassandra Freeman Stars In New Show “The Enemy Within”

Cassandra Freeman said bullies deserve some of the credit for her successful career in acting.

The Jacksonville, Fl. native said her annoying classmates were a major reason why she decided to attend an arts high school instead of the local public one.

“If it weren’t for the bullies in middle school, I wouldn’t have gone off to the arts high school,” Freeman said, adding, “I’m sure I was a nerd – and I still am a nerd!”

Fast forward to 2019, and Freeman’s star is hotter than ever.

The classically trained thespian, who also studied at New York University and Florida State, stars alongside Morris Chestnut and Jennifer Carpenter in NBC’s “The Enemy Within” a spy thriller about a group of FBI agents who work to uncover and eliminate the thousands of covert, foreign spies in the country.

Chestnut’s character, FBI Agent Will Keaton, is forced to team up with CIA agent turned incarcerated traitor Erica Shepherd (Carpenter) the woman who murdered his fiancé.

Freeman plays Jacqueline Pettigrew, Chestnut’s tough as nails fellow FBI agent who she said was inspired by Sigourney Weaver. She learned things like how to hold a gun and go into a hostage situation.

Cassandra Freeman stars in "The Enemy Within"

Source: Courtesy of NBC Universal / NBC Universal

“I’ve always wanted to play someone who was not fearful in every situation,” Freeman said. “She’s the first one to go out into danger, she’s not scared. She’s not silent. She is not afraid.

The new mom – she gave birth to her son eight months ago – said she relished the role of Pettigrew because it’s taken her outside of her comfort zone to play someone who was always in control.

“…what I love about her is that she’s…quite witty,” Freeman said. “She’s a breath of fresh air. When you think she might punch you, she might just caress your face.”

Now that the show’s shooting schedule has wrapped, Freeman said she’s content to have more family time with her husband and baby.

“Now it’s just mommy time,” she said. “Right now what’s ahead of me is sleep and playing with my baby.”

“The Enemy Within” airs Monday nights at 10 PM on NBC.


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