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Midsection Of Police Officer With Handgun And Handcuffs

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Arkansas Police Release Footage Of Bradley Blackshire’s Shooting Death

The Little Rock Police Department has released a video that they are calling a “critical incident narrative” video that shows the shooting death of 30-year-old Bradley Blackshire.

According to DailyMail, 15 shots were fired into the windshield of Bradley’s car by officer Charles Starks who was hanging onto the hood as he attempted to drive away. The video is compiled of dashcam footage as well as security cameras from local businesses near where the shooting occurred.

Mayor Frank Scott claims that none of the videos are edited and hopes that the public will view it as a sign of good faith. Officer Starks confronted Blackshire in a parking lot with his gun already drawn after a detective called in to report that his Nissan Altima was stolen.

At this point, all hell breaks loose. We will warn you that the footage is very graphic and disturbing.


From the security camera angle it appears that the officer intentionally stood in front of Blackshire’s car when he began driving away slowly. We say this to say, Officer Stark didn’t have to get “hit” by the car as he was not in harm’s way until he put himself in that position.

Additionally, the ArkTimes published copy directly from the LRPD’s use-of-force policy when it comes to vehicles. Peep the VERY first sentence…

Discharging firearms at a moving or fleeing vehicle is prohibited, unless it is necessary to prevent imminent death or serious physical injury to the officer or another person.

Officers will not voluntarily place themselves in a position in front of an oncoming vehicle where Deadly Force is the probable outcome. When confronted by an oncoming vehicle, officers will move out of its path, if possible, rather than fire at the vehicle.

Looks like this cop violated all the “training” that he received in the academy.

Rest in peace Bradley Blackshire. We pray that this trigger-happy cop gets what’s coming to him…


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