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Robber thief Criminal Bandits in Robes Standing Next gun robbed and forced open the car door. To seize the property of the Victim.Thief Concept Photo.

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White Supremacist Arrested For Kidnapping And Raping Black Victim

Florida Man” has done some unbelievably heinous, stupid, and racist things in his day, but this latest incarnation of the peninsula’s most putrid people might just be the devil in the flesh.

According to WKRG, a white supremacist member of the Aryan Brotherhood gang, Joshua Edwards, has been arrested and charged with sexual battery, two counts of carjacking, armed kidnapping, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of a firearm during a felony. Here’s how he racked up all those charges.

Edwards *allegedly* abducted an unnamed Black woman at gunpoint on Monday night while she was pumping gas at an Escambia County service station. With the gun pointed to her head Edwards forced the woman to drive while he took ecstasy pills and forced her to do the same. Tuesday morning Edwards is said to have driven the woman to a park where he raped her repeatedly at gunpoint.

While driving through the park to leave, Edwards’ car became inoperable and he and the victim walked to find another vehicle whereupon he encountered another woman who he then held at gunpoint and forced her to give him her car keys.


Edwards then left the rape victim with the woman he just robbed and they called the police.

“She was pretty controlled until she stepped inside and then she fell apart and cried for about 45 minutes hardly able to speak,” Staples said. “She said that he had raped her and that he had taken her car.”

A few hours later Edwards was arrested behind a Walmart.

F**k Florida. SMH.


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