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She Got Accepted Into FIVE Law Schools

Another brilliant Black girl will make you deeply assess what you’re doing with your life.

According to Texas Lawyer, Haley Taylor Schlitz is a 16-year-old who’s already on track to graduate with an associate’s degree AND a bachelor’s degree in May. Her next stop is law school, and she’s already gotten accepted into five schools.

Schlitz explained how her unconventional childhood education led her to this point:

“I went to public school until fifth grade. At the end of the year my parents pulled me out and started to home-school me because they didn’t like the way I was being taught. I was just being taught to pass the end-of-the-year test to get to the next grade. I wasn’t being taught to learn.”


She continued:

“I wasn’t in the gifted and talented program because they said I wasn’t allowed to be—that I couldn’t take the test. My parents got me privately tested and then home-schooled me after they determined that I was gifted. I was home-schooled up until I was 13 years old. I skipped quite a few grades. Then I graduated high school at 13 and went to the community college from 13 to 14, so I could get my core done. Then I got accepted into numerous different universities, and I went to Texas Woman’s University from 14 to 16. And now I’m here at 16 and I applied to numerous different law schools and I‘m going to law school.”


Schlitz has now decided to go to Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law after getting accepted into Howard University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Southern University and Texas Southern University.


When talking about taking the LSAT, Schlitz described it as “fun.”

“I did the whole program online and I really enjoyed it. I like standardized tests quite a bit. And the LSAT is really fun because it’s almost like a puzzle or a mind game. It was really cool. When I took it, it’s like they were asking me to solve riddles. I didn’t really see it as a test, per se, but more like a game. It was awesome.”

Truly a child of God.

Schlitz doesn’t plan on using her law degree to help the rich and privileged either. Instead, she wants to use it to take on the education system:

“I started at [Tarrant County College] with the idea I wanted to be a doctor. Then I looked back at my own story and realized the inequities there are in the education system, especially in the gifted and talented program with girls and girls of color. That’s something I felt really passionate about because of my own story, that I wasn’t even able to get in. Where I went there were a bunch of boys who were not of color who were able to get in at the same age I wasn’t able to get in. It sparked a fire in me and made me want to fight for equality.”

Nobel prize. Oscar. Grammy. Medal Of Freedom. #BlackGirlMagic.


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