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Human Organ Transplantation

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Organ Donor Tweet Sends Twitter Into An Argument

What are we arguing about TEWDAY?

There’s been a Tweet circulating for the last few days that warns Black folks to quit checking off the “organ donor” box on their licenses. Twitter use @ItsAriix_ went viral, trying to “warn” Black people, not to donate their precious kidneys, eyes, livers etc, insinuating it would be fatal if we’d cross paths with an EMT.

We totally understand the skepticism folks of color have when it comes to trusting the medical industry. But there are a few things flawed about this theory.

  1. Do your organs even qualify???
  2. People who are “black market” organ harvesters are likely going to take your organ regardless of whatever your license says.
  3. If an EMT is working on you and you turn to a vegetative state, they still have to contact your next of kin — they gain nothing personal by taking your life or organs.

We could go on, but actual organ donors and receivers of transplants on Twitter schooled us in on the rest of the facts.

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