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BOSSIP Readers Say Pumkin VS. New York Is The Greatest Reality TV Moment Of All Time

We’ve got a winner!

After weeks of voting BOSSIP readers voted spit hurling Pumpkin’s”Flavor of Love” season 1 fight with New York as the greatest reality TV moment of all time.

In case you forgot, Flav eliminated “Pumkin”, real name Brooke Thompson, and she furiously told Flavor Flav that New York was an aspiring actress, not her.

They then exchanged insults and Pumkin spit on New York after threatening to slap her.

Flav ultimately chose Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander and gifted her a gold grill—breaking New York’s heart for the first time. He’d then do it again on Flavor of Love season 2 by choosing Deelishis.

Tiffany Pollard/Brooke Thompson

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According to Brooke, she’s not proud of what she did and didn’t realize it would turn into the biggest reality TV moment of all time.

VH1: When the spit happened between you and Tiffany, did you know it was going to be this huge thing on TV? Did you go into filming knowing you were going to do that?

Brooke: “There was absolutely no thought. It was completely emotional. I was pissed. It’s the lowest thing you can do to someone, pretty much. I didn’t think about it. It wasn’t premeditated. It just happened. I wasn’t like, “Okay, I’m in elimination. Okay, I’m gonna do this so this we make a name for ourselves and the show’s number one.” I was really so pissed off. It just came out and then afterwards I was like, Oh my God. I didn’t know it was gonna be like, the headlines on newspapers. They called it the spit heard around the world. I never ever anticipated that it would be as big as it actually was. I mean it’s still one of the greatest reality TV moments and that’s just so crazy to me.



Do YOU agree that that was the biggest reality TV moment of all time???

Fans who continuously dress up as New York and Pumkin clearly do.







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