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Just last week we saw Star Jones’ new piece and now Al has gotten himself a new boo as well:

Fresh off his split from Star Jones, Al Reynolds is back on the town. He hit club Home late last week with a new buxom lady friend, where he was drinking and dancing till the wee hours. “He was at the bar with her. She was a pretty big girl,” said a cocktail waitress at the club. “They were dancing to hip-hop and bobbing their heads. He had on a white button-down [shirt], open with a diamond necklace hanging out. And he was drinking all night with his pinky in the air.” Also there was Sean Combs, who, oddly, sat in a corner reading a book.

This whole scene just sounds hilarious, the ‘pretty big girl’, the open shirt swag, drinking all night with his pinky in the air, and Diddy reading a book in the corner. Hilarious, indeed.


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  • Lola Am


  • mogwai

    Was Diddy checking out Al Reynolds’ ass?

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    mogwai(Check me out!)

    Was Diddy checking out Al Reynolds’ ass?


    More than likely….

  • Al-Anon

    According to research in the Journal of Family Psychology if a woman marries a man that is better looking than she is, it is highly unlikely that her relationship with him will be happy or long lasting.




    If your man’s eyebrows are better maintained the yours…problem.

  • k.k

    who cares??we in on the young stars not those!!

  • Toni Montana

    so he got a new beard. u know he had to.

    gay al has prolly got a whole big girl fan page. Big girls lining up to get some of that perky light skin booty.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @getyourhand…Yes, he was checking it out! Diddy and Al probably left the club together later that night. Diddy out the back door and AL out of the front. They met at the hotel and got it on! LOL

  • WordzOfaProphet

    Star, dis dude damn near look suspicious too. And dis story is hella funny cuz it all sounds suspicious. Maybe if star wud have stayed a big girl she wud have kept her husband.

  • Ami

    Who is al kidding, we all know he is gay, lol

  • kigali

    Is this guy a chubby chaser or what? Maybe it didnt work out between him and Star because she got too small?

  • jandsmama

    How could Star not see that this man is gay? It took three years to figure this out? All’s well that ends well…I wish her the best!

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus Believes the excess weight Star Jones got rid of was used to make soap.

  • bree


    Al with a pretty big girl? smh his game is WACK! Big girls, stay away, he using you bcuz of your self esteem issues.

    Puffy reading @ a party? ROTFLMFBAO! 😛

  • think quick

    I bet Diddy was reading the new book Hiding in Hiphop to see if he has a feature story, lmao. Cant hide for too long..

  • Jahpson

    who is he frontin? his new “boo” is probaly a petite young male…

  • HoneyBrown

    His face is scaring me in this picture ……….

  • mrslaadee

    What was the name of this gay club?…LMAO…Even after all this with Star Jones, Al is still not ready to come out the closet.

  • Chaka

    That is probably the most stank photo I have even seen. They look like two aliens on the hunt.

    Al is the worst.

  • Mizz Emerald

    hes gay , duh…



  • Jessica

    He seems like a “Chubby Chaser” to me not taking anything away from his gold-digger bi-sexual status. Poor Star for wasting her time with the mentally ill or the foolish I don’t know, I just can’t call it.

  • Real

    Most surprising of all is that Diddy reads!

  • gimme a break

    Al look like a ghost

    what wrong with his eyes

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