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Her Parents Also Get Booked

Twenty-six-year-old Jenny Ambuila was a social media influencer sharing her lavish Miami lifestyle with the world, no doubt, causing many people to weep over their basic a$$ life.

Designer clothes, expensive cars, luxury vacations in Europe…whatever she had, she flaunted it.

But now, according to DailyMail, Ms. Ambuila was allegedly a big fat scammity-scam scammer.

Ambuila was arrested on Friday, along with her father Omar Ambuila and mother Elba Chara, for a major money laundering scheme in Colombia. She was on vacation in Colombia, her birth country, when the arrest happened.

According to prosecutors, Ambuila’s father worked as a mid-level customs officer at the Colombian sea port of Buenaventura, and he allegedly pocketed millions of dollars in exchange for allowing untaxed goods to pass into the country. Meanwhile, Jenny was charged for money laundering, and she’s currently on house arrest in Colombia, while her parents are in prison for additional charges of aiding smugglers and corruption.

Their arrests are apart of a bigger plan by Colombian investigators to stop smuggling goods into local markets.

“This is a fundamental case in our fight against smuggling. We are going after all of this corrupt structure, and the resources behind them,” said Andres Jimenez, a Colombian prosecutor.

According to Jimenez, Omar Ambuila received at least $600,000 in bribes since 2012 in overseas payments, and he had the potential to receive much more.

All these illegal funds were allegedly sent to Ambuila’s daughter at the University of Miami, which she attended from 2013 to 2017 and earned her bachelor’s degree in finance.

The irony.

“In exchange for their illicit act, these two people (Ambuila and the other official of the Dian) and other alleged accomplices would have received millionaire dividends that were hidden through front companies or were turned over to their relatives to acquire goods and services that would exceed their economic capacity,” prosecutors explained.

Meanwhile, Jenny was out here strolling through Gucci, waltzing in Dolce & Gabanna, and traveling to places like Milan and Paris…all for Instagram and Facebook to see.

You’d think with supposedly illegal fund, she’d try to keep it cute and humble.

But of course, her extravagant posts are exactly what led to speculation of her family. Investigators browsed through her social media posts and investigated her purchases, especially her 2017 purchase of a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, which is worth more than $300,000. She also purchased a Porsche Cayenne while living in Miami.

“People assume that because they can’t make it you can’t make it either,” Ambuila wrote in a May 2017 Facebook post where she flaunts her Lamborghini in a photo. “Prove them wrong.”

Looks like she’ll be proving them wrong in jail.

On Friday, when Ambuila was arrested, she was of course dressed in a Gucci t-shirt as an officer read out her charges.


Well, at least she looked cute.



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