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Democratic Presidential Candidates Attend "She The People" Forum In Houston

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Elizabeth Warren Talks Comparative Health Care Treatment Between Black And White Women

Elizabeth Warren wants to be President of The United States. She can’t be President of The United States if she doesn’t pass the smell test with African-American women.

During the She The People Forum in Houston on Wednesday, Warren spoke directly to the issues that she has her sights on that would directly improve the lives of Black women.

Here’s what she said according to FoxNews:

“And there is a specific problem, as you rightly identified, for women of color who are three, four times more likely to die in childbirth,” Warren said.

“And here’s the thing, even after we do the adjustments for income, for education, this is true across the board. This is true for well-educated African American women, for wealthy African American women, and the best studies that I’m seeing put it down to just one thing, prejudice,” she added.

“That doctors and nurses don’t hear African American women’s medical issues the same way that they hear the same things from white women.”

That’s pretty direct.

Warren’s plan to rectify this problem is to offer incentives to hospitals who manage to balance the infant mortality rate and remove certain funding if the rate begins to increase.

What do you think about Warren’s take? Is this something that would make you vote for her in 2020?



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