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Aoki Lee Simmons Admits She Let Harvard Acceptance Get To Her Head

Just a few weeks ago we were congratulating Aoki Lee Simmons for being admitted to Harvard, but it appears that she allowed her new Ivy League status to go to her head. Earlier this week Aoki posted an essay on humility, revealing her mother had to take her down a notch because her big brains were giving her a HUGE head….

“I was more Harvard than John Harvard himself,” Aoki recalls, “and I was excited out of my mind, I was dabbing, I was whipping, I was Milly rocking, I was singing the fresh prince theme song….. Until my mom took me down a peg with lecture on humility, being a braggart and attracting the evil eye. My reaction was horrendous to ay the least, I pouted, I teared up, I accused her of being jealous, I accused her of not understanding how the college process works (hint: she totally did since she supported me and my sister through it and went to a fantastic college herself). I went off to my room to rage about how my mom ruins everything and kills my vibes and all those other teen complaints. I called my Dad to complain about how unfair my mom was being, and he told me he’d been wanting to say what she said for months. Which shocked me because I usually count on my Dad to be on my side, so hearing that confirmed the worst, my mom might be right. So then I started crying, really really hard.”

Sounds a wee bit spoiled brattish — but at least she’s admitting she was wrong. We also loved that Aoki opened up about being disappointed about being deferred at Yale.

We think it’s so great that Aoki realized the error of her ways AND that her mother kept it real with her. There are far too many insufferable little privileged princesses running around Beverly Hills whose mothers encourage that behavior. It’s a great picture of the kind of mom Kimora is riiiight?!

When is the last time you needed a friend or family member to help you stay grounded?


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