ACT UP: Hazel E AND Joseline Diss Yung Miami; Fades Are Being Offered & Twitter’s Laughing At THIS Person

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Hazel E, Joseline, Yung Miami

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City Girl Yung Miami VS Hazel E And Joseline

Well, this was certainly unexpected, but you sort of had to see it coming based on the attention-seeking some of these ladies are in the center of all the time.

Hazel E dug herself from her months and years of semi-obscurity and Twitter dragging to dredge up some clout and attention. This time she did it in the form of diss song to the City Girls, claiming they *checks notes* stole her style. Uhhhhh.


Things could have ended there but Joseline seemingly harmlessly told the internet to check her boo Hazel E’s music, maybe or maybe not realizing it was a diss.

This got Yung Miami to react to BOTH OF THEM. She’s offering fades to Joseline and Hazel, asking them to meet her in Florida to catch the fade. We can see it with Hazel but, um, she might want to sit this out with Joseline. She doesn’t play.

Hit the flip to see more of Joseline, Young Miami, Hazel and ALL of Twitter dragging the holy hell out of Hazel’s struggle bars. This sure as hell was chaos!

Miami told Hazel AND Joseline to pull up if they really want to fight. Click HERE to see it.
She’s since taken down multiple posts threatening them and instead shared this:

Stevie J, Joseline

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Stevie J at one point even jumped in and reposted a shady message to Joseline.

“I’m f****g with YM simply bc she a real one and Hazel and Jose both WASHED UP reality wanna be artist,” read the post. […] Jose we all know you snort COKE by the pile, stop keeping that baby from @hitmanstevij_1.”

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