Mariah and Nick… Trouble in Paradise

- By Bossip Staff

Sources close to the couple say that Nick and Mariah are having issues in their relationship over Mariah’s frustration of not being able to get pregnant. The source says that Mariah drinks heavily sometimes out of frustration of not being able to conceive a child yet, and Nick is the clean up man for all her drunken mess.  The source says that Nick has always been supportive of Mariah but her excessive partying and drinking has taken a toll on their fresh relationship.  Nick is said to blame Mariah’s up and down weight on her partying.

The source reveals that although the two are still very much in love, little kinks like this in the beginning will start to tear the two apart.  So in other words, our source is saying Mariah better shape up or ship out.  But we all know who really wears the pants, so Mr.Carey just better get used to things the way they are.

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  • Impressed


  • Nique




    not a surprise.. smh 😦

  • gulfcoast

    Our Source, yeah right!!!!

  • Smel

    Aww that’s sad…they are one of the few Hollyweird couples who actually seem to work/fit (from the outside looking in)

    My boyfriend is younger than me, and though I’m no Mariah and he’s no Nick, I always liked to see how they interacted…

    Hope they work it out!

  • Sexy&Smart

    I thought official sources said she was already pregnant. Didn’t she confirm this with her own mouth?

  • msprettybrowngirl

    Mairah Is pregnant, have you been living under a rock? She announced this like 2 weeks ago…

  • Tr1sh

    It’s a molehill y’all..NOT a Mountain…relax on tryna make divorce sound imminent….couples have issues…

  • Trixxie

    I was kind of liking these two together so Mariah pls dont mess this up coz if you do then……….

  • Tone

    This is what happens when chicks burn themselves out. Now she’ll have to buy a baby, one way or the other. In vitro? Artificial Insemination? Foreign Adoption (still in style)? Steal one from the hospital?

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    but i thought they confirmed that she was already preggers :S

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ Nique

    I really think you did something to hannibal. Maybe we should file a missing persons report??

  • undressingHER

    I think gossiping about something so personal and so sensitive is wrong.

  • Bg(~007~)

    She betta holla @ OCTOMOM

  • Geebz

    good luck to them.

  • elektrikeccentrik

    omg lmao @ dude’s face behind Mariah

  • Tomana

    Your source is a liar!

  • Cynthia

    I thought you guys said she WAS pregnant a few weeks ago

  • tg

    Hang in there, Nick & Mariah. Marriage is not always roses and champagne and you will hit a few bumps in the road.

  • Khristal

    HELLO she is OLDER- that is expected. They fine

  • Bg(~007~)

    I bet Desmond “21” Hatchett would get her preggers first skeet!!!!

  • kayla

    This is a POSITIVE COUPLE and I wish them all the best. Stay prayerful and loving to each other and it will work out.

  • sweet_lies

    hahaha MARIAH better shape up or ship out???

    hahaha! yeah right.

  • >>> Misss.Afrika.babiie

    maybe shes just too old…lolz

  • MsLateria

    Aww I thought that she was pregnant. I feel so bad for them 😦

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