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The robbers were caught in handcuffs

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Family Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Cops For Treatment Of 8-Year-Old

The Chicago Police Department isn’t exactly the bastion of unassailable law enforcement conduct, so none of what we are about to report is surprising, but is still infuriating nonetheless.

According to the Sun-Times, officers were raiding the home of Alberta Wilson on the south side of Chicago in search of illegal guns. Officers handcuffed everyone in the house including Alberta’s son, a terrified 8-year-old named Royal. The boy was forced to stand in the shivering and shaking in the freezing rain for close to 45 minutes while the cops tossed the crib.

The family is now suing the bacon boys for their negligence.

“Once the family reached the street, police handcuffed them,” the suit states. “Officers handcuffed short, 8-year-old Royal for no reason for approximately 35 to 40 minutes while he stood in the street shaking from fear and cold and drenched in the freezing rain. The handcuffs were too tight, and his wrist bruised.”

It is said that all the Wilson children are now suffering from PTSD.

“In Chicago, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to policing and children,” Hofeld said.

Chicago needs to come out of the dark AGES and stop hitting dark PEOPLE with the woo wap da bam.


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