BOSSIP Exclusive: Algee Smith Talks “Euphoria” Sex Scenes And His Upcoming Album

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Algee Smith

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BOSSIP: The show is dealing with social media a lot, what do you enjoy about social media?

AS: Honestly, I do enjoy everything because if you know what to do with social media then it’s no problem, some people get on social media and complain but you control your own feed. You control who you follow, you control what you look up. I love the fact that you can tap in with someone on the other side of the world so quick and have a genuine connection, they can like my art and grown from there, but a detrimental thing about it is that it can be a time waster.

BOSSIP: What about DM’s? Are your DM’s active?

AS: They’re active, that doesn’t mean I’m active in them though. You trying to get me in trouble! My DM’s stay poppin. I move differently though. I can’t get caught up in my DM’s.

BOSSIP: So you wouldn’t date someone you met off the gram?

AS: I’m not saying that. To me it has to go further than the gram. If I met you on the gram, could we link up? I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t date anyone off the gram but I like personal connections.

BOSSIP: You’re also a talented musician, Drake is executive producer on the show so what should we expect from the music on “Euphoria?”

AS: All my music on the soundtrack, nah just playin. I sent some music to the producers and they’re excited about it and all that stuff. Hopefully some of it will end up on the show.

BOSSIP: You have an ensemble cast, what was it like working with some of these actors?

AS: Pretty much every relationship I gained on set has been a new relationship. They’re all important for different reasons. Zendaya is amazing, she is a powerhouse of an actor but she is also a super professional, every time she’s on set she makes you want to bring your A game. Also Jacob who plays Nate, he is just a character but he snaps into his role so quick. Everyone who is on set, we make it feel like it’s a family environment so even when we have hard scenes to do, like when me and Sydney were doing sex scenes we had an intimacy coordinator on set that HBO brought in to make sure nothing got out of hand. At times that we were feeling uncomfortable the intimacy coordinator would go to the director like ‘Okay they’re not doing any more that’s it.’ We made each other feel very comfortable no matter what the scene was.

BOSSIP: Was that your first time working with an intimacy coordinator?

AS: Yeah, first time on set period. It was a lot of our first times because everyone was shocked. We appreciated that. We didn’t have to speak up and say… Sometimes for an actor you don’t want to tell a director, like ‘ahhh I don’t want to do it anymore,’ because you just want the best shot but to have someone there watching, it’s their job to look out for you like “my actor has done enough, you got your scene.’

BOSSIP: What does your mom think?

AS: I don’t really know her exact feelings, you’d have to ask her, but I know it’s a lot for her to take in but she supports me of course. I would love to know her feelings about every scene, her true thoughts, but I haven’t asked her.

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