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Andre 3000 Has An Interesting Hobby For Killing Time At The Airport

In “that’s such an Andre 3000 thing to do” news, Andre 3000 was spotted out and about recently, this time, walking around an airport and casually playing the flute.

Even though the rapper has taken a more private approach to life and music than his Outkast counterpart Big Boi in recent years, he’s–in some ways–more approachable than ever. Over the past couple of years, it seems like there’s a new 3K sighting every other weekend, and he’s always doing something so inexplicably him, like sitting on the floor charging his phone or, in this case, playing a double flute in the airport.

NPR producer Antonia Cereijido was at the airport on Friday when she heard someone walking around her terminal and playing a flute for 40 minutes. In her tweet about the encounter, Cereijido says she was “losing [her] mind” thinking the man with the flute resembled Andre 300–but it turns out, she was right!

Much like every story about chance encounters with Dre, he obliged in taking a photo with the fan and still remains the nicest guy ever. Under pretty much any other circumstance, someone playing a nearly hour-long flute solo while you wait for a flight would probably be quite the nuisance–but in this case, it’s like a private concert from one of the most famous musicians in the world.

Check out some of the reactions from fellow tweeters about spotting 3K in an airport sporting an unlikely instrument.



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