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Ashley Graham Shows More Of The Racism She Witnesses Against Her Husband

Earlier this week, we reported on Ashley Graham’s story about her husband, Justin Ervin, being spat on when the two were on vacation in Italy. Now, the model is giving us an even deeper look at all the hate she both endures and witnesses first hand against her husband because of their interracial relationship.

Graham shared a screenshot of a shocking email she received this week–which you can take a look at over on Daily Mail–that urges her to leave her husband because he’s black. The email was shared on her Instagram Stories, where the model told her fans that ‘racism isn’t clickbait, it’s real and evil’ before including a photo of the absolutely sickening message.

“You are no role model to anyone,” the email from a man named Sterling started. The subject line read, “I detest everything you represent.”

The man continued on, saying, “Race mixing is evil and against nature” It becomes clear that Ashley and Justin’s relationship insults Sterling’s lil racist azz because her husband is black, so he decided to voice his bigotry in the horrific email–also taking shots at the model’s size and appearance. 

“You are not plus size — you are FAT and definitely not as attractive as you think you are. Big t**s do not make a woman — a big heart does and yours is as small as your pea brain.”

The email went on as the man moved into attacking the couple, saying he hopes they will divorce before having any children together.

“There is a silver lining — interracial marriage has a very high divorce rate. So here’s some advice — dump some weight, including that brain dead n***a hubby of yours. Get a brain yourself and marry a good White man and have a dozen beautiful White children instead of any ugly [kids]…with your…husband.”

Beyond sharing this horrific message, Graham also confessed this is only one of many emails she received insulting her relationship with her husband.



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