Watch This Father React To Learning His Daughter Had His $44K Back Child Support Balance CLEARED! [VIDEO]

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Young Woman Reveals Her Father’s Tears Of Joy After Being Cleared From Child Support Issues

Friday a young woman took to Twitter to share a video of her father learning she’d put in the work to fill out the necessary paperwork to have his back child support balance cleared. The woman, who goes by YaYa or Tyanah Ariel on Twitter revealed her dad cried tears of joy after being freed from the $44,000 debt hanging over his head.

You can hear in the background that YaYa is also crying. We’re so happy for both of them — that they have this relationship that she would put in the time and energy to do this and that he can continue to be the best father he can for her without being in danger of losing his license, passport or even being jailed.

The young woman’s post was retweeted over 21,000 times and got over 100,000 likes. She also received supportive messages as well as inquiries from other people seeking to do the same thing for their fathers. YaYa asked that people with questions DM her so she could walk them through the process.

Of course Twitter being Twitter there were plenty of people arguing that her dad should never have acquired the debt in the first place and that men need to take care of their kids.

People aren’t always going to agree and YaYa said she sought to help her dad because he is very present in her life and gives her help whenever she needs it.

Others in the comments offered supportive statements revealing the hardship imposed by the unforgiving child support system. One such commenter offered:

I used to work in the collections department at the child support office. Not only do they garnish your pay, they report on your credit, suspend your license and report you to the police department. Trust me, he deserves this if he’s been on child support for 17 years

Another commented:

Even though he was paying the money every month, because he was behind, they probably suspended his drivers license, blocked his passport, and ruined his credit with a $30,000 charge off.

Yaya replied to the message saying:

You hit it on the head

We thought this post was a great starting point for discussion. Child support is such a touchy subject. What’s been your experience with the child support system? If you could do anything differently what would you do?



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