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Here is Usher and little Usher the V hopping out of the back of a van to do an MTV promo at a private location. How precious, look at the baby’s little feet feet. Too bad that’s all we can see, Usher could’ve at least let us get a quick glance at the baby’s face. Damn, they stingy.

Another one for you right about now…

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  • LiLi

    I wish Tameka would sit down some where! Dang Usher put your foot down and tell her to stay her tail home and watch the kids! I don’t know when the last time I saw you and Tameka wasn’t some where lurking. Dang Mane…

  • guilty pleasure

    Hmmm, he’s not wearing his ring.

  • guilty pleasure

    Hmm, he’s not wearing his ring…..

  • guilty pleasure

    Hmm, he’s not wearing his ring….

  • Joey Boats

    wow, usher’s husband looks kind of pretty on that picture, lololol

  • Doagae

    I can tell he is a cute little baby….LOL I am actually happy for them!


    Wow! Such a lucky baby! Eventhough some black kids grow up with no daddy…. that baby’s got two! Hallelujah!

  • Karen

    Why can’t his WIFE roll with him and help take care of home/business as well? Why does his WIFE have to “stay her tail at home and watch the kids?” She is staying BY HER MAN as a wife should do. My husband is in the entertainment business as well and I work with him and help him out on business matters. Where he rolls 98% of the time I am with him. We are a team and work together to take care of business and HOME is always taken care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her place is not called “lurking” it is called “partner” and being what he needs her to be……

  • I'm Just Me

    I really want to see what this child looks like. I have only seen that first pic.

    To me Tameka actually looks somewhat decent in that pic. At least her head isn’t tilted to the side making her look like she needs a helmet.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    I’ve seen him. The baby is adorable!

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  • Harlem Chic

    Tameka looks so happy and beautiful in that pic.

  • Anonymous

    I saw Usher on SNL this weekend. That was one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time. I really liked the first song he sang.

  • Re

    I’m not even gonna front, Tameka looks cute here! But she still looks like she’s is momma, but whatever- to each his own.

  • Jason

    Tameka is beautiful black queen. As people it’s time to start respect our women. Usher married the woman that he loves and the runs so much deeper then your physical appearance. I hope that GOD continues to bless their marriage.

  • Frog-a-licious

    Wow Tameka doesn’t look half bad.

  • yanib

    I take exception to the poster that thinks his wife should be home. In a marriage, you need to be where you both agree you should be. Supporting your spouse’s endeavors is part of the marriage convenant.

  • House

    This is one for the ages, wtf did that hoe slip in USHERS drink to not only make him fire his mother but marry tamekas dark crusty looking self? Damn usher really does have it bad that hoe is tore up from the floor up

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    LOL, the baby is probably a cutie patootie. Tameka looks nice in that pic. I’ve never found her to be ugly…*shrugging*

  • House

    @ Frogalicious, what the hell do you define as half bad? That Hoe Tameka is ugly as hell

  • mrslaadee

    Usher and Tamkea are acting like Michael Jackson with this covering up of the baby face sh**. Letting your child walk aroung blanket free from their face is not selling the child out, it’s letting them see what is in front of them…lol… I’m just not really sure where they are going with all this secretiveness about the baby. And I hope Tameka did not really think someone wanted to see her ugly broke down a** in a pic! As a matter of fact, I’m sick of seeing Usher in pics. So If yall are not going to show us the baby, stay out of the cameras way b/c we don’t want to see yall.


    You sound just like one of those pressed a** wives who can’t do sh** without your husband, just like Tameka. The funny part is yall(you, Tameka, and any other females like yall)think if yall go everywhere with the man that he can’t cheat. But the hoes after yall men don’t give a fu** if yall are there or not b/c they are still going in for the kill. And if they don’t get the man while yall are present, believe me there will come a time when you won’t be around, and they will meet back up.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Drama Queen!

  • bree

    Tameka looks nice in that picture..

    is it going to snow tonight?

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!


    What’s up? Happy Monday 😦

  • bree

    Hello Brooklyn!

    yes, happy monday to you too! this is a short work week for me..only 3 are you doing today?

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