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Here’s some arbitrary news from Ms. Rowland – she plans on being an author now:

“‘I’m getting into different ventures. I’m in the process of writing a children’s book. Everything is confidential right now, but I’m really excited because I’ve talked to some different publishing companies and got some people interested.’ she added.

Rowland says her five godchildren are the reason she’s decided to write in between working on her new record. ‘I love my god-kids,’ she says. ‘I love kids!’

Wow, 5 god-children seems like a bit much. Is Ms. Moneybags still accepting applications? First Madonna, then Snoop – what is the trend with the Hollywarped set and children’s books?

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  • Don't mind me

    Kelly suits London! She comes across so well. We love her

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    love u kelly.. id buy

  • I'm Just Me

    That is cool….like Island Nik…I’d buy it. Glad she is doing something!

  • mrslaadee

    I think Kelly is finally starting to realize that maybe she should be trying out other adventures besides a solo singing career. Who knows, she could be he next Terri McMillian of children books.

  • And.....

    Yeah, something is up in the kiddy book industry. Not sure what it is, but it must be a quick money maker (besides how smart do you have to be to write words for little people who can’t read).

  • SW10

    wtf pimp daddy didn’t u just read that she has 5 god children. anywayz good luck kelly.

  • Madame Enigma

    po’ thang

    (for real)

  • JAD

    She is just trying to make money on the side because she isn’t selling any music!

  • Dee Mur

    She is so cute. Looks like a living doll.

  • Celebrity CSI

    A book? Madonna, Snoop & now Ms Kelly all have ONE thing in common. a need to GET somewhere & be real quick about it. lol


    black cinderella a story of her life with beyounce solange tina& matthews the knowless clan who is her evil stepsisters and parents who stole her claim to fame mostly her money she is writing a tell-all in way everybody could understand her plight even newborns… cheap trick …i feel your pain kelly

  • Somer

    There is a lot of money in childrens books. Black people are just learning about that hustle. That British chick that wrote Harry Potter is worth a billion. When a new one come out, you have little white children all over the world standing in line for hours to get a copy. Now no one expect Kelly to do the same but if she can make one tenth of what ole girl made, Ms. Kelly will be alright.

  • lil

    Kelly is doing really well in europe, american isn’t the only country in the world that got music industries…………

    u go gurl, watch dis haters what ur made of!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lil

    Show dis haters wat you are made of

  • Don't mind me

    It’s all happening over here

    It’s much more culturally diverse out here so there is something for everyone in every area of art

    Gillymots have already asked her to do a duet

    London is the place to be. Love my city

  • Jack Tripper

    Dayum where is Lavar Burton when you need him.

    Nothing is wrong with wanting to write books but can you prove your writing credentials and write a winning song first???

    Butterflies in the sky

    I can go twice as high

    Take a look

    Its in a book


    I can do anything

    Friends to know

    Places to go

    On Reading Rainbow…(??)

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