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Man Survives Brutal Bear Attack Using Pocket Knife

While Americans are out here wildin’ with guns, one Canadian man survived a full grizzly bear attack with just some hope and a pocket knife. Colin Dowler was mountain biking on a logging road and exploring potential routes in the remote backcountry of British Columbia, when he bent the corner and ran into a grizzly bear.

BBC reports:

He was hoping that like most bears, it would prefer to avoid human contact and head back into the woods. He was about 100ft (30 metres) from the bear – “too close in my opinion”, he told the BBC by phone from his hospital bed. As he was considering what to do, the animal kept walking towards him at what seemed a natural pace. After the bear started taking heavy swipes at him, he threw his bike at it, but undeterred the bear bit him in the stomach, then picked him up and dropped him into a ditch, roughly 50ft (15 metres) away, before taking deep bites into his thighs.

But how the hell did he survive that? The article added:

After trying to gouge out the bear’s eyes and briefly playing dead, he managed to reach for his pocket knife and stab the bear in the neck with its two-inch blade. There was a rush of blood and the bear let go and retreated. Losing blood and needing to find help, he put pressure on his wounded leg using a shirt sleeve and cycled four and a half miles to a logging camp, where he collapsed.

Fortunately, there were workers on site to treat his wound and give him a blood transfusion. The 45-year is old is currently in Vancouver hospital, slowly but surely recovering from the vicious attack. What a brave bul.


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