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T-Pain Reveals How He Spent $40 Million And Ended Up Broke Again

T-Pain had everyone talking after his Breakfast Club interview last week.

During his discussion with the trio, the music legend revealed that the most he ever had in his bank account at one time was around $40 million. Sounds like a financial situation anyone would be happy getting used to, but unfortunately for the Florida native, he got too comfortable with his income and blew through ALL OF IT in a short matter of time.

And he didn’t just spend a little more than he probably should have, T-Pain went all out. The singer spent the entirety of that $40 million, to the point where he had to borrow some money to buy his kids a whopper at Burger King.

The clip above started to make its way all around social media following the interview’s upload to Youtube, with people questioning how it’s possible to run through so much money and not even notice until it’s clearly way too late.

According to Pain, his incredibly reckless spending paired with some investments that didn’t pan out is what led to his demise.

Of course, this situation was years ago and since then, T-Pain has managed to build his bank account back up to a place where he’ll probably never have to think twice about buying a whopper again–but knowing such a steep decline is what followed his massive run of both hits and features is crazy to think about.

Check out his entire Breakfast Club interview here to hear more about how he ended up broke after making so many millions.



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