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Tyrone Lamont Allen

Source: U.S. District Court of Oregon / U.S. District Court of Oregon

Portland Cops Use Photoshop To Remove False Suspect’s Face Tattoos

Yes, you read that correctly. Allow us to explain.

Portland police had been on the hunt for a man they say is responsible for four bank robberies, not a single teller at any of the banks reported the robber having facial tattoos. Tyrone Lamont Allen has several. Remember that.

What happened next is not only inexplicable but at the root of it, racist as hell.

According to OregonLive, Police arrested Tyrone under the pretense that he is the actual robber, but when they realized that the man they were looking for did NOT have face tats, they did THIS…

“I basically painted over the tattoos,” police forensic criminalist Mark Weber testified. “Almost like applying electronic makeup.”

After misrepresenting Allen as a criminal, they presented several photos of suspects to the tellers and some of them chose Allen’s pic based on the fact that he had no face tats.

Temple University Law professor and 40-year lawyer Jules Epstein was disgusted:

“It’s unbelievable to me that police would ignore the fact that no teller has described a person with glaring tattoos and make this man into a possible suspect by covering them up,” he said. “They’re increasing the risk of mistaken identity.’’

When you take into account that historically police will do anything to charge a Black person with a crime, there is absolutely nothing “unbelievable” about it. This is how cops get down.


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