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Ghost Brothers Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Hervey

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Ghost Brothers Return With Travel Channel Series

Best friends Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey are back with their new Travel Channel series, “Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests.” After receiving a plethora of pleas from families experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, the Ghost Brothers are now spending the night in these haunted homes, seeking to either validate or disprove spiritual activity and bring peace to the home’s inhabitants, both living — and otherwise! The new series takes the Ghost Brothers across the country to investigate eight family homes with unexplained paranormal activity. In Tennessee, they help a family move safely back into house that they couldn’t sell (and they couldn’t afford to walk away from). In Washington, they check out an infamous family manor plagued by ghosts and rumors of an evil doctor and his victims, and in New Hampshire, they explore a historic home and inn that may be harboring the spirits of people fleeing slavery on the Underground Railroad. Our Senior Content Director Janeé Bolden talked to the trio just after the series premiere. Check out our interview below:

BOSSIP: You’ve admitted you still have fear coming into these homes

Marcus: Yes we still do get nervous, you don’t know what elements you’re getting into, you don’t know where you’re going you’re going into these people’s homes so you still have some uneasiness combined with whatever the paranormal situations you have going on, so yeah I still catch some nerves.

Dalen: I just think as people who used to watch these shows, before we were on them and you were always curious as to how these people really felt and if the things they were doing were really real so we just wanted to be truthful with that. A couple years ago we were the same cats on the couch watching the shows with everyone else so we bring those same truthful emotions and experiences.

Juwan: With this new show it’s a new level of anxiety for us just because we’re going into strangers homes — and we’re spending the night! So I’m scared of the terrifying stories they’re sharing, but I’m also scared to sleep on a strangers couch.

Dalen: Cuz you know we bougie. Your clean ain’t necessarily everybody else’s clean.

BOSSIP: Is this considered a spinoff from your previous show?

Dalen: It’s a brand new series, just riding along with the Ghost Brothers which is a natural maturation of who we are.

BOSSIP: Who came up with the idea to sleep over?

Marcus: You’re looking at ’em. It was all three of us.

Juwan: It was actually during the transition from the last show and what was going on at the network. We were like we gotta find another angle to hit ’em with. We are the Ghost Brothers.

Dalen: We had so many fans. Over the past year and a half well over 500 people had sent us messages, emails, Facebook messages, direct messages on Instagram, just telling us that their houses are haunted and wondering if we could come help them, if we could come visit. It was kind of like “Catfish.” We had people calling in telling us their problems so we thought maybe we could go help them out. Modern day “Ghostbusters.”

Marcus: Without the proton packs.

Dalen: Not yet. Season 3.

Juwan: Can we get uniforms?

Dalen: Ehhhhhhh. We’ve got three different body types.

Marcus: Don’t body shame me. Yeah I got breasts but it’s all good. My wife likes ’em. Tina like ’em!

BOSSIP: Do your friends and family ask you to help them out with their hauntings?

Dalen: The funny thing is, spirits are kind of like roaches. Your friends don’t ever want to admit they have them. Nobody wants to admit to having them.

BOSSIP: What’s been your favorite city to visit?

Marcus: Mine would have to be the bed & breakfast in New Hampshire. For one, it was a site that was on the Underground Railroad. Also the family that was there was real unique so it was really a good family to be around. And it was beautiful.

Dalen: Mine was St. Paul, MN. Part of it was half my family lives in St. Paul so I was able to invite my cousins to the house we were investigating and just to see my cousins like, ‘Aw this house is haunted?’ The family is right in the corner. ‘Nuh uh… I couldn’t stay in no house like that.’ The family is standing right there smoking a cigarette talking about, ‘Okay, you’re just gonna talk about my house?’ ‘Ewwww I couldn’t live here! Aw, this is your house? My bad… I thought they was the crew. I thought you was the crew…’

Juwan: I’ve enjoyed all the locations because all of them are new to me. Washington state, I’d never been to the Pacific Northwest so that was great. Massachusetts and New Hampshire were also new to me. I’m just enjoying the journey.

BOSSIP: Juwan and Dalen, you have a luxury suit business as well and Marcus you’re well-known as a celebrity barber (clients include Nas, Michael B. Jordan, Grant Hill, Stephen Curry and LeBron James), can you talk about the impact the shows have had on your individual profiles?

Marcus: Well Amen! I appreciate that. It’s cool to be that. I will say the show has definitely helped that because we’ve had a lot of people, with us opening the show always in the shop, which is how we would normally talk… A lot of people want to tape that experience as part of it so a lot of people have been coming to the shop now, and reaching out to me about cuts. The dope part about it with the show profile rising is a lot of my clients are into the show now. Like Nas is like, ‘Yo son, what’s the next joint coming up? Nah so was it haunted, haunted? Nah for real, like…’ or Grant will be like, ‘I don’t know man, I might come out there.’ Every one of them is different, so from like Dame, to Chris Webber, all my celebrity clients watch now so it’s dope to have their support.

Juwan: We’ve gotten introduced to a clientele because now our paranormal fans have gotten into our suits. I never thought we’d have this synergy too. Now we’ve had fans ask us to make their tuxedo for their wedding and make an appearance at their wedding as the Ghost Brothers.

Marcus: So y’all been getting a side hustle? Y’all just cut me all out that little deal?

Juwan: Actually we didn’t, we couldn’t make it work with the offer.

BOSSIP: Have you ever run into a situation bigger than what you could handle? If you did, what would you do?

Dalen: That’s kind of what we do with this season. This season we run into, pretty much all of the locations ended up having something going on and we had to work out some kind of resolve. And we don’t profess to be anything that we’re not, we’re not cleansers… So we brought in mediums, psychics, spiritualists, we even brought in a guy from Atlanta Reginald Lewis to come to Minnesota with us. We reach out for sure to the people who do THAT.

A new episode of “Ghost Brothers:Haunted Houseguests” airs Friday, August 23 at 9pm on Travel Channel.


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