Black homeowner arrested in underwear when cops think he's a burglar

F**k 12: Embarrassed Black Homeowner Arrested At Gunpoint In Draws After Burglar Alarm Goes Off

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Black Homeowner Arrested In Underwear When Police Think He’s A Burglar

The police could EASILY find ways to de-escalate situations like these, but we’re pretty sure they just get a kick out of embarrassing people.

According to ABCNews, Black Raleigh, North Carolina homeowner Kazeem Oyeneyin suffered “most humiliating experience of my life” when police came to his home and arrested him in his underwear while the whole neighborhood watched. Police were responding to his burglar alarm going off and instead of easily identifying Oyeneyin by his ID or the myriad of pieces of mail, they thought it best to make a mockery of him.

“I was counting the seconds because I thought he was going to kill me,” Kazeem Oyeneyin, 31, told ABC News on Saturday of the confrontation with police at his home in Raleigh. “He was shaking the gun. All he has to do is slip and hit that trigger and I’m dead.”


“I go downstairs. I disengage the alarm. I go back upstairs, I laid down. Twenty minutes later, I just hear these loud noises,” Oyeneyin told ABC News. “So, I come down my steps, I grab my gun because I don’t know who’s in the house.”

Peep the entire incident and Kazeem’s response in the video below.

Now, was any of that really necessary? SMH.

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