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Christina Milian’s Boyfriend Matt Pokora Told Her She’d Have His Baby

Christina Milian is revealing more about her super sweet swirlmance. According to C. Milli who’s starring in “Falling Inn Love”, when she initially met her boo thang Matt Pokora in 207 he had an unconventional line within their first hours of meeting.

‘Tina who’s pregnant with their first child was a guest on E! News’ Daily Pop and detailed meeting her swirlie sweetie to the hosts. According to Tina, she wasn’t even interested in meeting but things changed when she laid eyes on him…

“We met in France at a restaurant,” said Christina. I was singing on the tables and it was of course then a summer because it was a ‘hot summer,’” she said. “The manager of the restaurant insisted that we meet each other because we’re both singers and I was like, ‘Aw, that’s okay.’ I didn’t even see what he looked like. Then he happened to pass me and then next thing you know I was like, whoa! He looks like that? Okay! So we switched numbers, found out we had the same birthday that night and it was like the stars aligned.”

Later Matt told her flatout that the singer/actress would have his baby, a SON at that.

“He told me, ‘We’re going to have a child together.’ This is the same night [laughs],” she said. “I’ve never had anybody say that to me. I was like, ‘Just so you know, I already have one.’ He’s like, ‘Well what do you have?’ ‘A 9-year-old daughter.’ He was like, ‘Well, you don’t have a son.’ I was like uh! Oh my gosh. Panty dropper! He got me. From the beginning, he was interested in meeting my daughter, he was interested in meeting Violet. He was on it. It was so nice. I’ve never seen anybody be like that.”

Did we mention that during Christina’s gender reveal they found out that it’s a BOY?!

Matt is super insightful, clearly.

What do YOU think about Christiana Milian’s boo Matt correctly guessing that they’d have a baby???


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