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Car Recovered In Alexis Skyy Gas Station Stick Up

It looks as if Sabrina Peterson’s plea to carjackers to use her car as a “blessing” had the reverse effect.

The car that was stolen while model Alexis Skyy and her friend Sabrina were being held at gunpoint at an Atlanta gas station has been recovered. Yesterday, Sabrina updated concerned friends and followers, saying that the car was returned. She credited a handful of people for spotting the luxury Maserati truck that was parked and “looked out of place” when it was found.

The mother, who went to the local news to detail the grand theft and call out the Quik Trip station for lack of security says the fight, however, is not over.

She wrote an IG post calling out Atlanta’s mayor to help fight against what seems to be a car-jacking crime string in the area:

My car is recovered but that doesn’t stop our fight! I thank God for this situation it opened my eyes up to an abundance of issues in our community. My heart is broken that our community is broken, there’s a new generation of young black men who have no regard for their lives and the lives of women that look like them. I never asked God “Why me”, because I’m clear “It had to be you because YOU my love will not turn a blind eye”. I also seen the level of hatred our own people have in their hearts for each other via social media, I was made aware that there’s an abundance of hurt people that also need healing. There’s a bigger conversation that WE as a community need to have & I’m doing everything behind the scenes to arrange a program for healing our own.

I want to once again thank @mrsernestinemorrison @mrjaymorrison @mr2weeksout @alix_goodenergy @strikemoney1 @mrjerometrammel @cfood_dbe @spiritualword @frobabies @thestylistblu @belllaashea & more being on the frontline for #protectourwomen thanks @coldatory for finding my truck & listening to your gut when you seen it & said “This car is out of place”.

If you have been a victim of robbery in Atlanta NOW IS THE TIME to join the fight to put an end to the epidemic in our community. Thanks @arshaw23 for always being in my corner. THE FIGHT HAS BEGUN! I’m not taking a broken community for an answer! Remember sis, if you don’t make noise then another sister will come right behind you oblivious to the danger WE MUST NOT BE QUIET. I love my sister that was robbed on Wednesday & she has helped us but if she would have made some noise the Saturday robbery may not have occurred. Don’t be discouraged to speak up, speak up & speak up loud it doesn’t matter if only one person hears you, you saved one! Nothing happens to you everything happens for you. Start your movement by joining one! @keishabottoms we have a problem @phillanawilliams we need to sit down and resolve this before someone gets killed.


Best of luck to them!


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