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Biracial Alaskan High School Swimmer Disqualified Over Swimsuit Wedgie

A 17-year-old biracial swim champ had her latest win vacated then reinstated after a janky a$$ referee Jill Blackstone disqualified her for having a “suit wedgie” according to Anchorage Daily News.

Dimond High School’s Brecklynn Willis is considered one of the fastest swimmers in Alaska and is expected to compete collegiately, she was wearing the exact same suit like every other girl in the race, but somehow she was the only swimmer disqualified. Let Blackistone tell it, Willis swimsuit was “was so far up I could see butt cheek touching butt cheek.”

An uproar soon spread after another school’s coach, West High coach Lauren Langford, took the referee to task in an essay on Medium:

She believes some officials are targeting the Dimond swimmer because she and her two sisters, who are also on the team, don’t look like other swimmers. They are mixed-race and “curvy,” she said.

“It comes down in my opinion to the race thing,” she said. Asked if the girls’ achievements — the sisters are among the best high school swimmers in Anchorage — she said that could be part of it, too.

“It was so targeted. It was so intentional, and so individual,” Langford said. “She’s one of three girls on the Dimond team who look like her. Everybody else is in same suit, sized to fit, and yet on a team of however many girls she was the only one that got singled out?

Fortunately, according to NYDailyNews, the Alaska School Activities Association overturned the referee’s decision based partly on semantics and surely on the basis of optics.

“All evidence gathered, including the statement provided by the official, indicated the official did not notify the coach prior to disqualifying the student,” the ASAA said in a statement.

“ASAA has determined the disqualification was the result of misapplication of the rule and as a result is being overturned.”

The association added that “all team and individual points shall be restored to both the individual swimmer and the Dimond High School Swim team.”

The school district is also calling for ref Blackistone to be fired based on her long history of unfair treatment.

Bye, bye, be-yotch!


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