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Twitter Drags NFL Reject Tim Tebow Over Comments On Paying College Athletes

College sports have preyed on underprivileged kids and their families since the beginning of time. Mainly African American kids, under the guise that if they can get to college, do good on the field, and stay out of trouble ,they’ll get to the NFL and make enough money to support their family for eternity.

It’s no secret that the money aspect and providing for their family is the main driver of these kids playing college sports. LeBron James and his Undisputed platform have been some of the most vocal on how young adults playing sports in college should be paid for all the money they’re generating.

When in college, kids cant receive money based on their skills, name, or likeness, per the NCAA rules. Thanks to LeBron and his platform, all eyes were on California recently as they voted on a bill to allow college players to profit. The bill passed in a unanimous vote of 72-0, stunning everyone.

While everyone with common sense is happy that these children now have the opportunity to get paid for their hard work, there is one person not on the NCAA payroll saying differently.

Failed NFL quarterback Tim Tebow went on ESPN’s First Take to give a white privileged opinion. Tim expresses that he never wanted to be paid in college because it was only about his family members’ favorite college team winning.

This might have been the worst take ever on live TV. He is essentially endorsing slavery and is 100% unaware that he’s doing so. Fortunately, Twitter wasted no time ripping him a new one and you can check out all of the damage below.



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