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Lebron James Trademark For “Taco Tuesday” Gets Rejected

What kind of crazy capitalism LeBron had in mind here, we’ll never know.

For the past few months, LeBron James has posted Instagram videos of his family every week before they indulge in a delicious Taco Tuesday. The videos have a recurring theme with Bron asking his family what day it is, making them all respond with “Taco Tuesday” in a cute, goofy way. Sometimes, they even have guests and other people visit for the occasion.

This simple family dinner has become an event every Tuesday that social media loves to tunes in for and these past few weeks, LeBron has even had custom t-shirts made for the occasion. Being the businessman he is and not wanting to leave a dollar on the table, it was revealed a few weeks back that James applied for a trademark over the phrase, “Taco Tuesday.”

Unsurprisingly, social media flamed him like there was no tomorrow. Taco Tuesday has obviously been a thing for decades and Bron really thought he was going to profit off of it. But only a few weeks later, the trademark office swiftly declined his application.

“The examining attorney found that phrase was a “commonplace message” and can’t be protected as a trademark.”

We’re sure everyone involved knew the chances of this trademark winning were slim, but why not try?

LeBron–being the entrepreneur he is–already has several of trademarks of his own. In the past, he even issued warnings over them to Alabama head coach Nick Saban, who wanted to do a talk show in a style similar to the shop but couldn’t pull his idea off due Bron’s trademark.




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