Creative Class: Desus and Mero's Rise in Latenight Television

The Creative Class: YERRRRR! Desus & Mero Are Changing The World Of Late Night By Simply Being Themselves

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Desus & Mero

Source: iOne Digital Creative Class / Creative Class

Name: Desus & Mero

Occupation: Content Creators

Location: Bronx, New York

How We Know Them: These braggadocious Bronx bad boys took their hustle from the bodega to the boardroom and BOSSIP’s been following them all the way. They’re bringing their uncut humor and undeniable star power to Showtime for another season and their loyal Bodega Hive hasn’t let up. Furthermore, everyone in America knows Desus and Mero because they’ve got the #1 show in late-night, right? RIGHT!

Why We Chose Them: Despite inking a big-league deal, the duo hasn’t let the new network dilute their brand of round-the-way humor. They’re still in your face, they still don’t give a f*** and everyone’s still clamoring to claim a coveted spot on their set. We salute them.

What’s Next: Luckily, the Bodega Boys are still making time for a fan fave, their weekly podcast, while working up new deals.

IG: @thekidmero @desusnice

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are just two regular, shmegular, degular guys from The Bronx who met in summer school and went on to get noticed when people saw them exchanging jokes and jabs on Twitter. Their comically over-the-top love for New York and everything that comes with it made them the Internet’s official spokespeople for the city, but now, they spew their off-the-dome comedy to an international audience every week on TV.

From Podcasters to Late Night Hosts

After their weekly Bodega Boys podcast became so beloved, they launched a late-night show on VICELAND in 2016 and quickly became the network’s highest-rated program. Their foray into a format that’s always been heavily dominated by white men served as a serious breath of fresh air and soon caught the attention of some really big players in the television world.

Almost two years of four shows a week definitely took a toll on Desus and Mero, who had no writers room–just each other and their jokes. When the duo–who pride themselves on being for the people–announced their move to Showtime, a premium network with a paywall, a lot of longtime fans were worried–but The Bodega Boys were always confident in their ability to make any platform work for them–and not the other way around.

In an interview with BOSSIP following the announcement, Mero explained,

“The very fact that we’re going to Showtime means that the show is going to get bigger and better. It’s gonna be on a bigger scale, bigger budget, more exposure, more likeliness to win a f**king Emmy.”

Desus continued, reassuring any fans who might be hesitant, saying,

“Imagine listening to the podcast and you don’t have to imagine what’s going on. I get it, people are afraid, your favorite show no longer comes on at 11pm…but listen, we’ll get our way back in y’all hearts.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Desus and Mero are now on Showtime twice a week while still keeping up with their weekly Bodega Boys podcast, which they promise will always be free for fans. You’re welcome ballbags!

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