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Kevin Gates Banned From All Louisiana Prisons Over Viral Photo

Kevin Gates has been staying low-key while working ever since he was released from prison over a year ago. The rapper has been busy touring and recording, even dropping a new album just last week. So when reports surfaced that the Department of Public Safety and Corrections launched an internal investigation into some of his activities, everyone was left puzzled. Soon after, the reason why was revealed to be over a viral photo he posted to his very own Instagram.

The photo in question was taken back in July during a visit to see his father at Elayn Hunt in Louisiana. The picture even had the location tagged, but that still wasn’t the issue. The problem is that one picture out of the series of photos featured Gates sitting with inmates–including incarcerated rapper C-Murder–flashing a handful of crisp hundred dollar bills to cover his face.

It is against regulation to carry more than $300 into a prison. If you’re wondering why just imagine an inmate behind bars with thousands of dollars and what people would do to take that money. As of now, there’s no word on whether or not Gates actually gave any of that money away, but that doesn’t matter, according to the state corrections department.

Not only was the rapper held accountable, however, so were the employees according to The Advocate.

A DOC report dated July 24, 2019, found that Deputy Warden Perry Stagg and Major Jason Linzy, both of whom oversaw Gates’ visit, deviated from standard institutional policies, resulting in multiple rule violations. The report says Stagg met Gates when he arrived at the facility and Linzy supervised the visit when the pictures were taken.In addition to bypassing body scanners, Gates was allowed to drive his car through the front gates without being searched, investigators found. And while Stagg was escorting him, Gates avoided the visiting office and never had to sign the visitor’s log acknowledging he understood facility rules.

To make matters even more serious, the internal investigation found no verifiable family member of his to be in custody of the facility. Essentially, Gates was allowed access straight from his house into the prison with no record, no check-in, or any procedure followed. Nor was his previous criminal history disclosed.

Because of this incident, one officer was removed and demoted and another received a written discipline. As for Gates, he’s not allowed inside a Louisiana jail ever again. Even if he gets arrested, it’s more than likely that he would serve time elsewhere as a result.


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