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Judge Tammy Kemp Criticized For Amber Guyger Hug

The Judge who bizarrely bestowed a bible and a hug to a CONVICTED MURDERER is facing a formal complaint. As previously reported jaws dropped when people saw not only Botham Jean’s brother hug Amber Guyger—but presiding Judge Tammy Kemp who also sweetened the gesture by giving Guyger a bible.

“You can have mine. I have three or four more at home,” Kemp said to Guyger while giving her the bible. “This is your job for the next month. Right here, John 3:16.”

Now the Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a complaint with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct, the agency that investigates allegations of judicial misconduct for Judge Kemp’s benevolent gesture.

The Associated Press reports that the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained that Kemp “went too far” and called her actions “inappropriate and unconstitutional.”

“Delivering Bibles and personally witnessing as a judge is an egregious abuse of power,” the foundation wrote in a letter to Texas officials. Kemp “transmitted her personal religious beliefs as a state official in an official proceeding of the gravest nature.”

Mind you The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a secular Wisconsin-based group that routinely files lawsuits challenging religious displays in government. And while you might not agree with them protesting religious displays, the egregiousness of the hug still stands.

Judge Kemp is being defended however by former Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins. Watkins is an esteemed Attorney who became the first black elected district attorney in Texas history.

“It’s just her Christian nature,” said Watkins according to AP. Kemp, he said, would pray when their office tackled complex cases.

“You’re having people of color that have the opportunity to make judges now,” Watkins said. “Their life experience and their religious points of view are different than what we’ve seen in the past. That’s just the evolution of our judicial system.”


What do YOU think about Judge Kemp getting flagged for coddling a convict??? We know what WE think about it…



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