Black high school student exposes white peers racist online group chat

Blow The Whistle: Black North Carolina High Schooler Poses As White Student To Expose Racist Online Group Chat

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Black High School Student Exposes White Peers Racist Online Group Chat

14-year-old Cenayia Edwards is a freshman at East Wake High School in Wendell, N.C. and she is not here for white people‘s clandestine bigotry.

According to ABC11, Cenayia actually posed as a white student in order to gain access to a violently racist group chat that her peers were participating in online. One of the freshman’s white friends put her on to the chat and Cenayia quickly devised a plan to expose all of them for their cowardly and dangerous behavior.

Cenayia changed her avatar to a white face. When she was allowed access to the group chat, she says she was horrified. The chat was full of messages like “Pullin triggers and shootin n——,”and “Kill n—– babies.”

One person wrote, “#bring slavery back.” Another person debated whether their screen name should be “Black slayer.”

And when Cenayia called out her classmates for the racist talk, one person replied with a cartoon meme of a penguin with a gun along with the words, “Shut up n—–.”

The parents notified the school of the activity but thus far they are very unsatisfied with the “investigation” that has taken place. So far, very little, if any, consequences have been doled out and if there have been, the school will not say what those consequences are.

A deer-in-headlights-lookin’ Stacey Alston, the school’s principal, did, however, release this lil’ video…

“Meaningful dialogue”??? Sir, these soup cookies are talkin’ about MURDERING BLACK PEOPLE. Ain’t no muthaf***in’ talkin’. It’s hands and feet.

All these alabaster a$$holes need to be expelled.



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