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Marvel & Taika Waititi Conflicted Over Thor Body Type For Thor 4

Marvel is almost done counting through their piles of cash secured from their box office monster, Avengers: Endgame. The Ironman arc-ending movie has blown well past what every previous film made EVER in terms of revenue and continues to grow slowly every single day. Now that Endgame’s moment is coming to an end it’s time to move on and keep the MCU storyline pushing.

To the surprise of many, it was announced that Chris Hemsworth would return to his role as Thor for an unprecedented fourth feature film. While many are excited and anticipating the 2021 release of Thor: Love & Thunder, the team at Marvel Studios is stuck making the biggest decision post Endgame: Do you keep Thor in the fat aesthetic he debuted in Endgame or return Chris Hemsworth to his lady-pleasing ripped body, which happens to be his natural state.

Recently the director of the upcoming film Taika Waititi sat down with Yahoo to discuss the big question on everyone’s mind. While he’s working on the finishing touches for the script, he and Marvel still have no idea which direction to take Thor’s body.

“This is an ongoing debate that we’re still having at Marvel,” Waititi told us during an interview promoting his new festival-winning comedic WWII drama Jojo Rabbit. “‘Cause we’re trying to figure out how long — how many months or years — this is after Endgame, at what point does this take place? I think we always want to keep changing it up with Thor. He’s so interesting when he’s changing all the time.”

The entire purpose of Thor gaining weight was to convey the emotion he went through from losing everyone around him to Thanos. For now, it seems likely that Thor will return to the screen ripped with the six-pack he’s known for because if not, there will be tons of ladies hatefully @-ing Marvel and Taika on Twitter.


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